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Whats In V1 Of The Mobile App

Watch 2 Earn

Watch Movie & TV content, on your mobile device or your big screen, from the ritestream library.
Rate the titles you've watched and instantly receive $RITE rewards in your wallet.
Play the latest trailers - and rent titles using ritecoin.
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A platform for creators to bring their film & television projects to life in a matter of days Creators looking for support from the ritestream community - on either a brand new or established franchise idea list their project on the ritestream launchpad The ritestream community can put their ritecoin to work finding the projects they believe in and watch them come to life on the ritestream platform

NFT Marketplace

An exclusive marketplace for buying & selling NFTs launched on the ritestream platform
From film collectibles to fractionalised scenes, the ritestream NFT marketplace will allow users to showcase and trade their NFTs, on their terms and in their own time.
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